Saturday, July 7, 2012

A New Start

Yup, it's been a long time, folks!

I apologize for the absence of posts over the past couple of years, but a lot was going on to keep me busy elsewhere -- books were written, courses taught, children shepherded through the transition from young adult to full adult. But now that two of my kids have flown the nest (well, actually, they were shoved!) and the third is nearly out (and engaged to be married next year), I have more time for sharing tips here.

My available blogging time has also increased due to my decision not to teach writing courses anymore. I do still coach writers (on a limited basis), because I enjoy one-on-one mentoring too much to give it up. But those courses were taking too much time away from my writing, and I have lots of books to write this year: four YA nonfiction manuscripts (two of which are already in production) and a YA sci-fi novel, the first in a trilogy. I'm also already committing myself to deadlines for 2013 projects, so things won't be slowing down for me any time soon.

This is all by way of saying, "Be patient with me!" I'm going to try my darnedest to post regularly from now on -- I'm determined to blot out the stain of my horrible blogging record to date -- but sometimes a deadline will take precedence.

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